The Golden Grass Art

The story of Golden Grass Art (natively called Sikki grass) is dated back to the early Vedic period in India. Grown in marshy and swampy area of the then Mithila region Bihar, Sikki grass art was originated by the Mithila women who made different utensils for storage and household vessels. With passage of time as their creativity thrived, different toys, jewellery boxes and ornamental pieces were made.

The Sikki art received appreciation from the local people which made it sacred enough to be worshipped along with the god of Sun and idols of god and goddesses were made from this golden grass. The Sikki grass made ornamental items become integral part of some of cultural festivals including the wedding where parents would gift the boxes of Sikki grass to their daughters considered auspicious and a token of good luck. 

Sikki grass grows in the muddy lands of  Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India, in the month of August and September. Men and women go in groups to remove the stalks and dried them in sunlit day. These stalks are boiled in hot water to obtain the softness which is mandatory for use. Then carefully weaving is done which is centuries old art of local artisans, transferred through generations.  Then grass is dyed in different vibrant colors to add visual appeal in the final product. Although undyed organic Sikki grass has beautiful golden color with natural grace and elegance.

Post industrialization, many innovative Sikki grass products have been introduced to the market considering the competitive global industry of handicrafts. Different lamps, containers, stools, bags, tables, decorative items including toys, dolls, wall hangings and baskets (dolchi) are made with extreme care and attention to details.

Sikki crafts is the greatest gift of nature. Different innovative experiments have flourished in this industry in recent times by making it relevant to the current market like drawing Sikki grass on canvas and carving sketches. The tireless efforts of local artisans have given a new life to the Sikki grass handicrafts. The products made from this golden grass are sustainable solution as the material used is 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly hence making it a perfect choice for replacing plastic and other toxic material in everyday use.

Our tantalising collection of Sikki crafts are a perfect gift choice for your dear and near ones. They are special because they are not made in factory; rather each item is a unique display of craftsmanship of local artisans, a token of authenticity as no other item will ever be the same.