The Artistic Science of Home Decor

March 24, 2021

Home decoration refers to the art of making a place aesthetically pleasing & visually appealing.

It also refers to making your home functionally useful and healthier by adding ornamental objects which are practical. Since the living place reflects one’s aesthetic taste and sense of beauty, it also translates the personality of people residing there.

Your Home is your first impression.home decor, home fragrances, scented soy candles

The way you manage the ambiance, color and style of your home is the expression of yourself. The interiors of a home can impact the psychological wellbeing and human behavior to a great extent. Studies show that different colors, shapes, furniture and rugs style can influence your mood and improve your life. Home décor is the most satisfying experience and helps reduce anxiety while you can transform your living space completely by making small changes.

There is an array of items related to home décor like furniture, artwork, lighting, decorative accessories, throw pillows, mirrors, rugs, indoor plants and vases etc. There are thousands of items that are used in home decor but what stands out and makes it unique is the human touch; like our handcrafted products.

Handcrafted products mirror the traditional as well as contemporary style.

Makers and artisans across the world put their passion and creativity into the heart of the product to make it unique and exclusive. You can brighten up your surroundings by adding handcrafted accessories to your home décor which are affordable and a personalised piece of art. Handicrafts are unique as they reflect the art and culture of a particular place as well as adds to the beauty of your home by diverse craftsmanship of indigenous folks.

There is a range of handicrafts which complement the settings of your home like clay handicrafts, vases, urn, candle stands, pen stands, jute handicrafts, storage baskets, shell and wood handicrafts, decorative and woven mirrors, hanging pots, tapestry and cushion covers, decorative candles, home fragrances etc.

Instead of mass machine made items, give your place the sense of warmth and personality offered by indigenous handicrafts. It will also help boost the handicraft industry and economically uplift the local artisans.

Décor style can adapt itself to various home décor settings; it could be warm, welcoming and cozy for your lovely abode. While an office décor should reflect the productivity and vibrancy of the premises. Or it could simply be a blend of modern and traditional décor to maintain the tranquil beauty of an old place. Revamping a place can be an extremely creative experience of life as one can add many interior and exterior decoration pieces to upgrade and achieve a new look.  Paying attention to colors, shapes and lighting could actually affect the working environment. Restaurants would love to have inviting and striking themes to attract their customers; by adding eye catchy décor and layout. Several wedding venues go for sharp combination of lights and interior to give a festive look and full of life. Whereas in spa, the atmosphere needs to be relaxing and cozy. The interiors need to have that mystic touch with soft and illuminating effect of scented candles and essential oils. Hospitals need to have simple and elegant décor with positive vibes and colors that reflects life.

Our luxurious range of home décor offers an exquisite and unique blend of traditional and contemporary style which is creative as well as affordable.

Purity & Honesty being the heart of our products, Passion in the creators and Love from our customers.home decor, home fragrances, scented soy candles

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