About Us

The Pristine Décor – how was it born

It all started when we (Ranjan & Neev) moved into our new home. And were looking for several ways & means to adorn our “Aashiyana”, which is the Hindi for “Sweet Home”. We sought for candles; handicrafts; paintings. We thought of aroma; tranquility; serenity; which presumably every one of us look for in their lives. All we wanted was to come home to elegance and artistry; not just lifeless furniture. 
This journey of adding bells & whistles to our own home made us realize that each one of us deserves to bring the pristine asymmetrical beauty of hand-crafted décor to their homes. And so, out we set to help our friends and clients with the Midas touch; The Pristine Décor.

Why Us

We believe a hand craft is an embodiment of human creativity and human labor. And we seek to promote the artists and the artisans involved.

Bringing you an exquisite collection of handcrafts and home decor products. 

After all, a home is much more than a mere shelter. It should lift us emotionally and spiritually. - John Saladino 

Flickrz, our range of pure sensuously fragranced Soy candles are hand poured by us. We are not perfectionists, but we are honest; authentic and committed to give you the aromatic experience you have come looking for. 

Artisan’s Love, our range of products here are uniquely crafted by artists & artisans and we source it from different places across the globe. We choose every product with love and care to give you the ornate elegance you desire for your home.

Our Vision - is with you

We aim to walk with you for miles and giving back smiles to those who care for us. Our vision is to deliver an ambience - surreal and luscious, to inspire the love in your homes. Our vision is to uplift the artists & artisans’ community globally and we cannot do this without your continual support.