Gift Hamper | Gift Box | $75 Hamper - Diffuser Package


100% Pure Soy - Reed Diffusers | $75 Gift Set 

This gift set includes:

  1. 1x 200ml Reed Diffuser (40+ scents to choose from)
  2. 1x Wax Burner
  3. 1x Wax Melts pack
  4. 1x Tealights pack (set of 6)
  5. Hamper packaging using best available gift boxes, wraps, ribbons.
  6. A surprise gift from our side
  7. And FREE custom messaging

Celebration Gift Set

  • Curated set of our range of hand-poured dried flowers included reed diffusers.
  • Freedom for you to choose from all available scents.
  • Save money while you buy our affordable celebration gift set
  • Enjoy the surprise gift we include as a token of our love & appreciation for you. 
  • Please contact us directly for your custom message once you have placed the order.

All our scented soy candles are hand-poured and proudly MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

Facts about our scented soy candles


  • Our scented candles are made of 100% pure soy, which is biodegradable and cleans up with plain old soap and water. 
  • With a lower melting point than paraffin wax, soy candles will burn slower or longer than paraffin candles.
  • Soy wax burns with zero petro soot, creating petro soot free candles.
  • 100% Pure soy will show signs of frosting - this is perfectly normal and does not affect the performance of our candles.


  • Our scented soy candles are priced at its best.
  • We do not compromise on our quality at any cost.

Gifts & Customisation

  • Our scented soy candles are a great option for gifting to your loved ones.
  • They come in beautiful ready-to-gift boxes with excellent packaging.
  • You can also have your custom messages & labels, your chosen photos printed on our labels. Design it as yours - Make it yours.

Recommended Usage

Please allow the candles to burn for at least 3 hours (180 mins) the first 2 lights, to give you the best experience and an even burn.